Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pad-Free And Tension Free Menstruation

Menstruation is a part of life of every girl and women which comes for a short interval of days in every month. its never been good but proper hygiene and care make it good. Period irritates mostly all the women and girl in using sanitary pad , discarding a used sanitary pad.

Many of them find sanitary pads totally uncool for the following reasons:

  • Using a best quality of sanitary pads also emits and awful smell after few hours.
  • In case any one missed to keep extra pads when they out,they had to ask colleagues using gestures or code and whispers.
  • In case of visiting someone or dating,changing used pad appropriately is a very tough job to do.Its looks extremely indecent to keep such waste in bags and all.
  • Wearing tights and hot dresses during this period is quit not easy and looks very uncomfortable
  • Itchy rashes

But now women and girls came to know about an alternative of sanitary pad called Menstrual Cup which can we use wether you are wearing a tight panty or jeans or you are going to a party in short skirts in those 5 days.

Menstrual Cup
  • It is conical-shaped cup made up of sillicone medically proved which has anti-bacterial properties for safe usage.
  • It is used by inserting it into the vagina.
  • It does not absorb the discharge like sanitary pads,cloths,and Tampons but it directly collect the menstrual fluid during the period.
  • It is very comfortable because it is inside the vagina and can be last for 6-8 hrs.But during the heavy flow it might required to be empltied more frequently.
  • The best advantage of this cup is it can be reused and do not create waste.
Since Menstrual cup collects the discharge inside the vagina,it does not come in contact with oxygen so that the bacterial growth during period does not occur.
Its save from awful odour.

How To Use And Reuse 
Remove the cup from the vagina .
Clean the cup thoroughly after discarding the menstrual fluid.
And then Re-insert it.
But after 2-3 cycle,wear panty aur liner along with menstrual cups
It helps to enjoy green and pad-free menstrual do not have to worry about replenishing monthly and ichting or rashes.

Any product that requires insertion inside one’s vagina will not be easily acceptable for unmarried ladies, especially those who are virgins. Married women, however, can certainly opt for this product. It is easy on the pocket in the long run and definitely saves Mother Earth from getting polluted.

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