Friday, February 28, 2014

Fight With You Anger

What is Anger? Anger is not only when you beat someone when you slap someone But Anger is like a short fuse in other way we can say short tempered mind,getting frequently in argument and fight.Unnecessarily getting hyper on small things,words. Anger is normal and healthy when it is under me but can get explosive when not under control and could harm relation and health.

The emotion of anger is neither good or bad until and unless it is controlled. Feeling angry is not the problem the reacting after feeling angry is the problem and sometimes harmful.
If you are hot temper then you can and you can not hold your angriness.if you can't then you can do the worst things in your angriness but a little patience and control can get victory on your anger. Its very simple just you have to express your angriness towards you loved ones closed once. Okay Let me tell you a real disadvantage of angriness which you also have been noticed.

I was also like a short temper person and having a relationship too.whenever i used get angry the day was worst for me and for my caring ones i used to scold him unnecessarily and she starts to cry.The night when we want to bed i not even love her in my angriness and day by day she was getting into like depression because my scolding. Then i started to confess in front of her why i get angry i cried on her shoulder its really very helpful to get control on your angriness.I feel good and very peace when told all my burdens to her my reason of angriness to her and now we are living a happy life. But you know there some more several disadvantages of out of control anger :
Getting on high level of stress and tension is very harmful for health. It can cause a fire of diseases like heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, a weekend immune system, insomnia, and high blood pressure.

It consumes huge amount of mental energy and stops your thinking, your concentration and enjoyment from life. It can also lead to stress and other mental health problems.

Developing your better career and getting a bright future depends on your mind and your attentiveness and how active you are on your works and studies  but when you are unable to control anger you mind will never get concentrate you can not work.

Its cause scars in the people whom you love most. Anger ends love sex and feelings too. Ability to think about the loved ones unnecessarily scolding and getting away so far make you relation to the end. Speak to them whom you think your closed one, be free and frank doing this can save your relation.

If you are thinking to expressed your anger by throwing things, fighting, screaming and hitting and you want also to get rid of this anger completely.
In order to get your needs met and express your anger in appropriate ways, you need to be in touch with what you are really feeling. Are you truly angry? Or is your anger masking other feelings such as embarrassment, insecurity, hurt, shame, or vulnerability? 

Some Dynamics of Anger

  • We become more angry when we are stressed and body resources are down.
  • We are rarely ever angry for the reasons we think.
  • We are often angry when we didn't get what we needed as a child.
  • We often become angry when we see a trait in others we can't stand in ourselves.
  • Underneath many current angers are old disappointments, traumas, and triggers.
  • Sometimes we get angry because we were hurt as a child.
  • We get angry when a current event brings up an old unresolved situation from the past.
  • We often feel strong emotion when a situation has a similar content, words or energy that we have felt before. 

Pay Attention To The Way Anger Feels In Your Body

  • Knots in your stomach
  • Clenching your hands or jaw
  • Feeling clammy or flushed
  • Breathing faster
  • Headaches
  • Pacing or needing to walk around
  • “Seeing red”
  • Having trouble concentrating
  • Pounding heart
  • Tensing your shoulders

 Get Rid Of Anger
  • Firstly try to find the reason in yourself of getting angry then express with your loved and near once you reason your feelings.
  • Get up everyday in the morning and go to fresh and green environment and do some meditation.
  • Try to cry in front of your loved once  as much as you can and until you don't get peace.
  • When you get angry try to remember the moment which makes smile on your face and watch some comedy shows.
  • Set clear boundaries of what you like and what you can tolerate between you and your loved one.
  • If you and you loved one both are not calm then try to be silent and walk around the terrace for some time

Anger Isn’t The Real Problem In Abusive Relationships

Despite what many people believe, domestic violence and abuse is not due to the abuser’s loss of control over his behavior and temper. In fact, abusive behavior is a deliberate choice for the sole purpose of controlling you. If you are in an abusive relationship, know that couples counseling is not recommended—and that your partner needs specialized treatment, not regular anger management classes.

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