Sunday, March 2, 2014

Loosing Relation May Take You To Death

Getting hurt of loosing your loved one and closed one could seriously affects your health and take you death. It increase the growth of Stress Hormone like "Adrenal" and "Cortisol". It also decrease the growth of  antigen which can make our body weak and disease like Cancer, Diabetes, can take place.

Side Effects

  • We seen hair loss complaint in most of the people after loosing their loved once and this only because of thinking a lot about the past. Experts says it only because of increasing in production of "Cortisol".
  • Over thinking and pressure on over pressure can lead to disease like migraine and you may go to depression.
  •  Its badly effect on your physical health, Over thinking not only decrease your hair but it decrease your muscles also.
  • Effects on your night sleep your another relations and your daily routines.
  • It increase the cholesterol level by dissolving of stress hormone in our body, and creates high blood pressure and heart disease.  
  • Ability to fight Bacteria gets weak and it results Cold and Cough , Fever, etc. like symptom in body.
  • Due to death of husband or boyfriend many of the women and girl died and the reason found was sadness of passed their loved one and also due to less in amount of natural Killer cell in body resist our body was weak. 
  •  Due to lack of Natural Killer Cells in body disease like Breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men may occur. This Natural killer cells helps to fight with this cancer.
  • Automatically ripping of joint muscles and bones get started as the aging started.
  • Due to depression and over thinking weak your muscles and bone because of not seriously taking care of your health by doing exercises and improving your daily food routine.
  • you may also loss you eyesight due to this depression.
How To Get Rid Of 

Accept the loneliness of loosing loved one soon so can you live and move ahead to your life.
Get in touch with your family, Roam around with your friends and talk about your emptiness to them.
Do the work in which you are damn interested and keep watching your interested serials.
Do your daily exercise and meditation is seriously recommended to do.
Eat healthy be healthy.
Note : Do not use wine and cigarette to forget the past because it will surely take you to death.

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