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Sexual Problem In Women

So many problem are which creates sexual problem in women such as :
A woman's interest and desire for sex and sexual activities decrease by the increment in age. But this decrease is not a major problem, the major problem is your partner's in relation desire more intercourse than other.
Changes in hormones at certain stages like during menopause and perimenopause decrease the the level of estrogen which cause dryness to vagina and lead to pain during intercourse.
Stress and anxiety of work and daily routine may decrease your mood of intercourse due to weakness.
Relationship problems 
Illness and oversleep problem ,sadness including depression.
Past bad sexual experience.If you got ex-bf in past who was not so good in relationship with you but was only for sex.this type of relation can lead down of your sex inetrest.

Types Of Sexual Problem That Affects Women 
Sexual desire problem like always having unromantic mood, not even sensitiveness in skin while touch, sadness and weakness, lack in sexual thoughts, Do not want to engage in sexual activity  like masturbation.

Arousal Problems is Physical and emotional changes in our body. It is due to medication, alcohol, smoking, illegal drug use and medical condition. It also due to anxiety, stress problem with partner, and past hurt and bad sexual experiences cause lack of arousal.

Orgasmic Problem is problem of not getting satisfied fully during intercourse. This is because of lack of love with your partner or a fake sex with your partner. This also happens due to fear of loosing control or poor body image and also due to sex with the partner whom you does not trust. May the women who is having orgasm problem was good in orgasm in her younger days.
Pain Disorder while sex
Sexual pain may occur life long or short term also. Pain which occurs during sexual activities other than sexual intercourse called "non-coital sexual pain disorder." Pain during intercourse is called Dyspareunia. Most of the sexually active women have had pain during intercourse in their lives either first time mean time or the last time.

Substance Which Affect Sexual Response

As we know Drugs and Alcohol is dangerous for health but it also affects in sexual life. Smoking slow down the blood flow in sexual organ and cause arousal problem. Drugs and Alcohol affects in responding your body movement and behavior.
To address this sexual problem slow down or stop intake of drugs and alcohol.

First of all you should change your relation behaviors, discuss about the stress and unusual misunderstanding about sex with your partner. solve the issue which makes you feel lonely and sad and also far from your partner.
Focus less on intercourse, try to get excited on words and touch of your partner.
Discuss about sex and love with you partner and clear or improve your knowledge regarding sex.
Focus on sexual activities and pleasure, spend time with your partner.
Try to make understand your partner about expectations and desires during intercourse and then feel the pleasure of love.

Tips To Increase Arousal

Rest well after coming home or after doing the hard works which utilize your brain and muscles.
 Increase the time  spent on Foreplay, read books For the information of foreplay.
Try vaginal lubricant while intercourse, if you got dry vagina.
Do kegel exercise for tightening vagina. read more vagina tightening
Do not Smoke and take Drugs.

Help In Orgasm

Many of women fear to masturbate because of mis-knowledge about sexual desire and affects, they don't even like  to touch vagina too. But for a satisfied and good orgasm you will first need to clear your mis-concept about masturbate.
Read sexy novels and  stories and use of sex toys will be also helpful for a better orgasm.
Mental imaginary and fantasy will also help you to have a better orgasm.
Playing with your own finger to your body and inner parts is the most effective way of orgasm.

Minimize Your Sexual Pain

Try different position of sexual activities and masturbate which does not involve intercourse.
Try lubricants While masturbating or intercourse.
Allow plenty of time for arousal before penetration.
Empty your bladder before intercourse.
Take warm bath. 

Address Your Problem With Health Care 
Now don't hesitate to express your sexual problem to the experts,  you can start like this:
"I am having some concern about my sex life." 
"I do not enjoy sex used to."
"I am feeling sad lately; my partner is complaining i never want sex."
"I do not feel any thing like sex "
"Getting older has effected my love life. Is there a fix?"

Wish you all the best and have a happy sexual life. 

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