Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Natural Way For Tightening Your Vagina

Vaginal tightening is the latest craze not just amongst women in their late 30s, but even young women in the subcontinent.
 Almost all women would face the issue of a loose vagina at a certain point of time.Many women want to get their vaginal muscles tightened for better sex. Also, tightening of the vagina is an essential thing for many women looking for easy methods of proving celibacy before marriage. Some ladies have it as a trait from birth, other tend to develop it after giving birth. Whatever be the case, a loose vagina can potentially lead to lack of interest in sex and could with time spoil the intimacy between couple.

 How Does A Vagina Become Loose ?
A woman's Vagina is loose when either the vaginal walls are not tight enough or when the Vaginal opening becomes very large. This all is due to some commons reasons  given below. 

Giving Birth
Being a Mother is a very important part of life in other words women is complete only after giving birth to a child.A tight vagina which would loose its strength and elasticity once the baby is born

Frequent Masturbation and Sexual Activity
The vagina contracts and expand every time during sex or masturbate. Due to repeated contraction and expansion, the vaginal wall would tend to slacken and loose their elasticity.

Tips To Find Out If You Have A Loose Vagina
Most of the women able to feel loose vagina, some may not be aware of the same.
  • If you insert two fingers into your vagina and feels no resistance and pain then it can signify a loose vagina.
  • Again if u insert your index finger into your vagina and inserted without any contraction of vaginal walls then surely you have loose vagina.
  • If your partner complain at the time of sex that he not enjoying like before and also you are not able to feel his thrusts and movements like before, then it signify that your vaginal walls are loose.
  • while masturbating you are not getting satisfaction life before with your fingers and need to insert larger objects to achieve sexual stimulation, then change your vagina become bigger than before.
A loose vagina would not only reduce your sexual sensitivity but would also not enable your partner to reach a proper orgasm.

Natural Way To Treat A Loose Vagina
A loose vagina can be a cause for concern, especially for young women who are sexually active. A loose vagina can inhibit male arousal and performance as well.You can follow some simple and natural tips for tightening your vagina and reduce the size of vaginal opening. There is no need for a doctor and so called creams and medicines.

Kegel Exercises

This is one the most popular home way to tight your vagina on a regular basis. This focus on tissue and muscles present in the vaginal walls and pelvic floor. The most basic form of this exercise to restore elasticity and strength to the pelvic muscles.

  • Try holding back your urine every time you need to urinate. you can also attempt to stop midway during urination for about 5 seconds before urinating again. Keep repeating until you finish urinating. This will contract the muscle in your vagina.
  • Contract the muscles in your groin and keep them contracted for about 10 seconds before relaxing the same. Do 15 repetitions of the same exercise to form one complete set and follow at least 4 sets a day. Wait for 4 seconds before repeating the procedure.
  • Sit on a hard chair and bend forward. doing this make sure to contract the pelvic muscles from back to front.maintain this position for 15 seconds before returning back. Follow 10 sets of the same exercise.
Vaginal Cones
This is also a very effective way to tighten the vaginal muscles. vaginal cones  shaped like your regular tampons, these cones come with different weight attached to them.

  • Fix the lowest weight and insert into the vagina.
  • contract the muscles of your vagina and hold the cone in place.
  • maintain the stance for 10-15 minutes before letting it drop.
  • Repeat this twice daily for better result.
  • As you get the result, increase the weight and try to hold for longer time.
Legs Up
  • Lie down on the floor and raise your legs upwards one after other.
  • Don't bend the legs, rather to keep them straight as you raise and lower them alternatively.
  • Continue the exercise for about 10 minutes and do so at least 5 times a day for benefits.
Herbal Home Treatment For Tightening Vagina
Here is a simple , home based remedy to help you tighten your vagina muscles.
Boil some gooseberries in water and store the resultant solution in a bottle.Apply some over your vagina when you take a bath every day.The solution would restore the elasticity and suppleness of your vagina in no time at all.

You can also mix up a part of vinegar with two parts of water and use the same as an effective douche to cleanse the vaginal walls of menstrual impurities and bacterial infections. Other alternatives douches includes dilutes lime juice, alum powder, and pickling spices.
Peuraria Mirifica and Oakgall are the two herbs that are used in products aimed in vaginal tightening.

So, if your confidence during sex is being affected by your loosened vaginal muscles, it is time to consider an easy option that can improve your sexual performance and make you feel better about yourself too.


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