Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Natural Way To Keep Vagina Hygiene

A woman’s genital has a more sensitive chemical composition and larger number of microscopic organisms compared to that of a man’s. Maintaining proper vaginal hygiene prevents the genital area to develop an unpleasant odor and helps the vagina from cultivating bad bacteria and infection.
There are so many different reason of infection around the vagina intimate area. It includes soiling due to passage of urine and stools. Sexual infection through infected partners. use of unhygienic toilet leads to skin infection.
Tightening Your Vagina

Tips To Maintain Vaginal Hygiene

  • Clean from front to back (vagina to anus) and not vice-verse as you may drag harmful bacteria from the anus to the vagina and caused infection if any.
  • Dry yourself (vagina to anus) completely using toilet paper or a soft cloth after use of toilet.
  • Avoid the use of western style public toilets unless disinfected well. Alternatively one may use disposable toilet seats.
  • Change sanitary pads frequently (every 4 to 6 hours during the day).
  • Undergo annual gynecological check-ups because some infections do not produce symptoms and you may not even be aware of them.
  • Report abnormal (thick/stains clothes/itchy/smelly/yellow or green or blood stained)  vaginal discharge immediately.
  • Eat healthy, exercise and beat stress. A good immunity is the key to protection from any infection.
Get Rid Of Vagina Odor
  • Avoid the using harsh soaps, deodorants and talc.
  • Avoid scrubbing. Clean the private parts gently.
  • Intimate washes are more friendly as they are mild and pH balanced. They may be used daily instead of soap and also after intercourse or the use of toilet facilities.
  • Wear comfortable cotton inner wear and change twice daily. Fancy synthetic underclothes may cause irritation of the skin.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing such as skin hugging jeans and tight underwear for prolonged periods. Salwars are comfortable and make for free circulation of air.
  •  Use lubrication during sex if needed. (Dry sex can cause friction and abrasions which can lead to infection).
  • Urinate and clean your Vagina immediately after intercourse. Then dry yourself.
  • Remove pubic hair at regular intervals or keep it well trimmed so cleansing is easy.
  • Avoid douching as it may cause infection.
  • Obese women have more infections. So, maintaining a healthy weight helps.
  • Avoid sex if your partner has active genital or urinary infection.
Problems that women face at Vagina during the monsoons
During monsoon, excessive humidity in the air leads to growth of fungi which can cause yeast infection. Besides, you may not get a chance to change damp clothing. During floods, wading through waist deep water can cause direct infection of the vagina.

Myths about hygiene associated with the vagina
Talc should be used daily.
Scrub hard so that you are cleaner.
Douching keeps you clean.
Soap and water is the best way to clean this area. The vagina is acidic and naturally has healthy bacteria which protect us from infections. Soaps are alkaline and this may disturb this delicate pH balance and the healthy vaginal bacteria. Also, some soaps are harsh and may cause irritation.The delicate area needs a gentle pH balanced cleanser which protects better against harmful bacteria and fungi.

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