Saturday, August 24, 2013

A True Romantic Story Of Journey In Train

I am going to tell you an interesting and a very romantic story of a newly married couple who were in train with family. But first let me introduce the couple name and age and some features about them

Couple name-Abir suryavanshi & Mrigakshi suryavanshi (changed name)
Age -  27 M & 24 F 
Abir belong to a middle class family and Government employee and very shy guy whereas Mrigakshi belongs to upper middle class and was a simple, beautiful and true living girl. Now lets come to the story :

   They were moving to visit temple its was night time train was at his speed , people were on the way to sleep and Abir and his wife on the upper birth on the both side. The girl was gazing in Abir's eyes she was very excited after getting married because of getting a very tall and handsome guy in her life.she wanted to have some fun in the train,wanted to spend some unforgettable moment their in train with Abir. Because of family  she force Abir to come go down and to go sit at the gate of the boogie. He first denied but at her smile he get down from the birth and silently both went at the gate, opened and the sit together.Air was blowing rapidly and Mrigakshi hair was disturbing Abir's face.Abir and Mrigakshi both were enjoying the journey sitting at the hand holding hands and putting head on Abir's shoulder.She asked Abir " if i lost somewhere how will you find me " Abir replied i will never let you lost but in case it happens i will search you by the sound of your bangles. She smiled and hug Abir tightly.Abir was holding rod of the gate for safety so he was able to hug her so he kissed on the side of her head.
                                  After some time train stop at a station small station they both get down from the train and inquiry about the train why she stopped here then got to know some accident happens on the track so train will move after 2 or 3 hr. After hearing this girl was so happy because she wanted this only. It was little bit cold around 1 or 2 AM girl was willing to have tea together , they looked around but station was totally empty, peoples were sleeping , stalls were closed so went out of the station and looked a thela wala. They went near and found owner sleeping , Mrigakshi sit on the wooden bench and Abir was disappointed. Suddenly Abir got and idea he burn the stove put the pan and water inside.  Mrigakshi was smiling and Just

looking to him, he then put the tea and the sweet and wait till the tea fully prepared. after then he served tea in the soil cup called (Chukkar in hindi)   and politely asked " Mam how is the tea " she smiled and replied umm ummm good but sweetness is less than you  and started laughing. After seeing this Abir also started laughing and they both had the tea and then some romantic dance there were no one on the street fully silence and cold weather. Abir gave a kiss on her forehead lastly and said now the sweetness is very much. Mrigakshi said to play a game of love " who look more to one another eyes" They enjoyed very much outside and after having some enjoyment outside they came back to the train to their seats and get on their upper birth. 
This was the beginning keep visiting for more. 

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