Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dating Tips For Todays Generation

 Dating Tips for a Successful Relation


Relation is a very soft part of everyone's life. Relationship is like a drop of water which safe until it is in your palm but by mistake it flow down on the ground it split in many part.

 Relationship can be connection between persons by blood or marriage

Relationship can be an emotional or other connection between people.



To Have a Successful Date Follow Some Tips 

  • If u wish to see your partner happy and if you really love your partner then plan something different which your partner never expect from you.
  • Plan a surprise outing at night / planning a dinner at home by ordering food from outside.
  • Plan a candle night dinner at the beach side/seashore
Tips II #  PLACE
  • Arrange your date at the place where you can feel her openly like put a round table at the se shore ,decorate it nicely , put some candles burning , and the dinner of her choice.
  • Arrange your date in your room only,before entrance of your loved once put your nicely decorated , colorful bedsheets ,pillow ,curtains, put some flowers lying on the bed ,ballons lying on the floor , candles burning on the side of your bed.
Tips III  #  How to treat Your Partner
  • When your partner come go near her and hold her hand and slowly bring to the destination.
  • Then make her sit. Lay down on your knees and give her a buque.
  • After then light up the candles 
  • Had dinner together 
  • After then hold her hands and put her on your legs and walk with her on the seashore.
  • Lastly give her a surprise gift.
  • You show from the beginning that you are not especially creative or challenging to her
However, beautiful women are used to men who have “game.” That’s why a lot of women wait before sex or are “not ready.” They want to know you for a little longer to see if you are really the person they thought you were. Try not to think of certain topics as "taboo." If big things like politics and religion are important to you and are subjects that you're naturally inclined to talk about, why not bring them up?

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