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Some Tips To Enjoy Being Single And To Improve Your Relation

This article & Tips are for you if :
  • You are Single
  • You are in a relationship But you know it is not your true heart's desire.
  • Your are on the verge of Divorce
  • You are in a healthy and fit relationship but you want some self care
Being single does not mean that you have to be lonely. In fact, it is an opportunity to develop a really healthy relationship with yourself which is the most important relationship to create in your life.

What Is a Relationship ?
Relationship is not only about Romance and Sex It is like sharing your feelings, your joys, sorrows, hopes. It also means sharing family finances. It also means making your peace with a new family, no matter how frequently or infrequently you meet them like if you don't like the food cooked by you Mother-in-law but you have to survive because it not only food cooked it her love.
It also means compromise like you sit and watch dramatic family serial with her and in exchange she will watch horror/sports with you and for you.
Being Single
Come out From the Negativity
It seen with many people being single and after breakup being single,they got negativity in their mind and in thinking they just think negative like "Poor me. I am single and everyone else around me is in relationship and they are all happier than me. Being single sucks." This thought alone will keep you in the "being single sucks" mentality. It's time to get out of it. You are making assumptions that others are happy , remember that we all put happy face culturally, but it's not necessarily the truth. There are many of people miserable and/or lonely in a relationship - I know, I use to be one of them.

Time For Yourself 

You all knows once you get in relationship/marriage you will never have the time for yourself that you enjoyed when you were single and at you childhood times. Now, Call people who you want to spend time with, don't just expect others to reach out to you.
Extra tips: don't waste your time and energy trying to connect with people who are regularly "too busy."
  • Do spend time in regular Yoga at home or in Yoga classes.
  • Do meditation everyday, In the evening or In the Morning
  • Make a dinner plan once a week, attend a community events, Spend time with your family or relatives kids which you missed while you were in relation.
  • Do not dig your old friend try to make new friend and try to hang out with them for dinner /lunch or for coffee

You must have heard an old saying – love finds you, you can’t find it. It has become an adage because it’s true. It would be a colossal waste of an important part of your life if you spend your single days chasing, over and longing for love. Be open to it, but don’t make it a goal. You should be in a relationship with someone only if you have a genuine, heartfelt desire to be with them. Any other reason than that (including your loneliness) is a bad reason for being in a relationship. Besides, they deserve to be your partner, not your Band-Aid. 

Feeling Lonely After Being In Relation
 Many of the people are not happy in being relationship but Inspite of that they are living together. This is only because you fear of being single, you fear of being left hurt alone,fear of crying. But see yourself  you are in a relationship and you are still crying,you are still begging for feelings for love. My own experience says its the only a waste of tears and your precious time.
Try to understand why your relation is not strong , why your relation not deeper even after physically related related but i say its all because there lack of sharing , lack of feelings , lack of compromising. Relationship is a very critical part of life a little but looseness will take you very far from your loved ones.For this solution for couple try some tips :
  • Sit with your loved ones give as much as time you can and try to communicate your problems,your feelings, your sadness, your loneliness
  • When you shots with an unwanted Shouting on you, unwanted quarrel with you on stupid topics the silently give a smile and agree  on your fault if it is or it may be not because Remember, the best way to kill an unwanted conversation is to agree. : and change the topic.
  • Spend time together in outing once a week , plan surprises once a month.
  • Plan a surprise gift for your beloved
  • If married take her to the family once in 2 or 3 month this will change her mood.
  • Try to compromise with his/her unwanted expectation and try to fulfill
I am sure this will help you out from your loneliness in Relation.
Its Ok To Be Single
Human beings are social animals. Unless you live with your family, singlehood would mean spending a lot of time alone, with yourself. You will feel lonely sometimes and that is OK. Everyone who lives alone feel that way from time to time. When you feel lonely grab a new page-turning thriller, flick on your favourite sitcom or better still – call a friend. Tell yourself, this is a very natural phase which going to pass.
Eating can be one of the "lonely" times being single. Choose it as a time to be present with your food. Look at your food, smell your food, enjoy the taste of your food. And finally, thank your food for sustaining your body. 

Final  thought

I am not saying that you will be happier outside of a relationship. What I am saying is that you can be truly happy on your own. Period. Stay open to having a relationship, but don not view it as the end all, be all, pining for your "soul mate," because there is a whole lot of misery in that - I know, I have done that too.

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