Friday, August 23, 2013

Yoga Posses For Kids

Today yoga is very important for kids in daily life. Due to school ,tuition and studies children got lot
of stress on mind so yoga gives them balance body with balance mind. It helps to heal injury. It also acts as a cover to fight against foreign disease and gives immunity to them.

There Are Some Types of  Yoga Which are Helpful for Kids in Daily Life  

1.Puppy Friends
"Puppy friends" -- a standing, partner variation of downward-facing dog -- can be done in the classroom, the yoga studio, or at home before bed with a parent or sibling. Kids should stand facing each other, and then gently place their hands on one another's shoulders. Then step back and bend forward at the hips, bringing the head down to rest between the arms. Inhale and exhale several times, releasing into the deep shoulder stretch. Puppy friends is another great stretch for the hamstrings, which can help reverse the effects of long days of sitting,
"When we do this, we're stretching the arms and the shoulders at the same time that we're stretching the hamstrings and buttocks and elongating the spine,

To get into the Spider pose, stand with the feet hip-distance apart and bend down into a squat, placing the hands between the feet. Slide the hands around the outsides of the feet and breathe in and out three times. Kids have fun with this one, especially when trying the "spinning the web" variation,"When you spin a web, you bob your bottom up and down while keeping your hands on the floor," she says. "So you can imagine that if you're doing that, you're really getting a nice hamstring stretch."

Kids can also try "walking around the web" in a circular crouching walk, or racing each other across the floor. 
 Thunderbolt is a more difficult pose and a variation of Hero pose. After resting the bottom between the heels, lower the body back to the floor and raise the arms above the head. Breathe in and out, resting in the position, before bringing the arms back to the sides and rising back out of the pose.

"It's a pretty intense stretch,"

4.Legs Up
This restful inversion pose can help squirmy kids to relax and stay put. Place the yoga mat against the wall, lying down with the bottom against the wall and swinging the legs up straight against it. Take three deep inhales and exhales, and then slowly come out of the pose.

"It's an engaged pose and at the same time it's quite restorative because your legs are up over your heart, It soothes tired legs and the lower back as well." 

5.Reclining Butterfly 
Another hip and groin-opening pose, this resting pose also helps to calm kids down and relieve tension in the lower back, . First come into a Butterfly pose by sitting up tall and bringing the feet together to form "butterfly wings." Then use the hands to gently lower down until the back is resting on the floor. Extend the arms out with palms facing up and close the eyes, taking several deep breaths. 

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