Friday, August 23, 2013

Interview Tips For Fresher 2013


An Interview is a final judgment process to hire a men/women as an employee of company/office in public /government sector and to judge their right aptitude and knowledge for the job.
        This is a very important and final part of each an every job seekers. A one-one communication in the form of interview makes the decision final that whether the candidate should be selected for the job or not.

 Here  now you will get some Tips and Pattern of Interview

Before Going For Interview

  •  Interview can be in the pattern of one judge or group of judge.
  • The first question will be asked mostly by viewing your CV and Academic Background.
  • At the time of interview you will be fired by lots of Question like bullet at a time so that time you need to be calm and soft.
  • They will ask u to explain some task on some traits like leadership, management etc.
Now Lets Know How To Prepare For All These 
  • First have a look on the image above for the style and grooming before going to the interview and be punctual , arrive on time or better half an hour before the interview.
  • Read your resume completely. 
  • Read about your academic records, your hobbies your general features which is commonly asked from the interviewer.
  • Read about the organization for which you are interviewed, go through the official website of the organization once completely.
  • Have a look on the products and services offered by the company.
  • Before going to the interview finally, rehearse your interview round, gave interview in front of your teacher or an interview expert.

During the interview be confident about your answers and be true and loyal to interview panel. Don’t hide your weaknesses and accept your week areas in front of interview panel. Good communication skills are essential for success in any interview, so work on your communication skills also. Interview panel may ask the candidate to write something or to draw anything, so well prepare with your stationary items as well.

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