Thursday, August 22, 2013

Manage Your Daily Life

What our life is about ?
 It is all about goals.There are very few who live without any goal , dream and aim.who wish to complete their dream their aim they need to perform thousands of petty tasks, everyday chores, meetings and actions and the main thing to complete these actions they need to manage their daily routines.

Now what is meant by our daily routine ?
Daily routine is that which we do from wake up morning till sleep at night , it means how we manage from wake up to sleep either in home , market or in office.only a bunch of disciplined minds manages not to lose their hearts dealing with complex time organizers, schedulers and heaps of papers.
I am here posting some ideas for men and women both separately to live a happy and healthy daily life.

For men
Today the statics say that the men who ae working or studying used to sleep late at night and sleep till late in the morning. Do u thing this a good habit? I personally say no its a very habit to sleep more the 6 or 7 hrs.
  • Go early to bed for a healthy morning
  •  Get up early for a fresh morning
  • After getting up go in fresh air do meditation for concentration power,do yoga for your health
  • Be under the shower for at least 10 min , have bath 20 min properly.don't be hurry in bath.
  • If u have an open area and sunlight is there the have 5 min of sunbath
  • Now time to spend at least 15 min with your family/son/daughter/wife/mother/father
  • Sharing and Advising
  • Have a light breakfast and have juice.
  • Now time to go for office,so cheer and go for office 
  • In office keep a smile on your face even in a bad situation also had a good lunch and rest for 15 min
  • Now while returning take some sweets or some thing for your family 
  • Now its evening time come to home,go for shower ,fresh up yourself and then have juice
  • Go for outing with ur family for an hour
  • Now had dinner and sleep at least till 10 30.
For Women
    Women life is more tougher than that of men because they a have a lots of responsibilities for their home.They have to see family , kids,kitchen ,husband and many more things. They need a huge rest but cant utilize their time for rest.Women are the back of every men in life without a women no one can walk no one can think no one can decide.
         Women life much more tougher than men.Males enjoy higher status than females; boys are often pampered while girls are relatively neglected.

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