Sunday, September 8, 2013

Breast Massage To Increase Breast Size Naturally

Breast massage to increase breast size is extremely effective if carried out as part of a program. By part of a plan, I mean in conjugation with additional all natural techniques of enlargement, such as breast supplements, exercising, etc. As a stand alone technique, it can for sure have some great benefits, but it's unlikely to make any substantial difference to breast size unless combined with other techniques. However, it ought to be stressed that it does indeed play an essential part.

This post concentrates on just one very potent method of breast massage to increase breast size, and that's known as the Female Deer Exercise. Or to be more precise, a part of it. In fact it's an Taoist exercise and it assists your breast size to improve in two ways:

The 1st way is by improving the circulation. Since the female hormones are carried in the bloodstream, good circulation is vital for growth of new breast cells. These hormones are helped to get to the cells and tissue via increased blood flow.

The second way is by elevating Prolactin production. Prolactin is one of the hormones responsible for breast size.

Begin with warm hands to carry out this technique. In fact if you rub them together as quick as possible, you will also 'energize' the hands and this will assist with the technique.

Start with the massage. Move your hands inwards on the breasts. In other words, from the outside moving to the middle of your chest. Rub the hands in a circling movement as you do so. So you are rubbing little circles, whilst also rubbing inwards. One of your hands will move anti-clockwise and the other will circle clockwise. Don't move the hands too fast. Slow and regular is best.

Breast massage to increase breast size needs a lot of repetitions and consistence if you want to see results. This particular routine should be carried out for roughly 15 minutes, twice a day.

Be certain to stop a couple of times during the massage and rub your hands together again in order to heat and energize them again. There should not be any pain or soreness in your breasts brought on by the massage. If it does, you are probably putting on too much pressure. Use gentle pressure, but firm. Repeat action is the key, not force!

It actually helps to use a breast cream while doing the massage. You may end up with tender skin due to the friction if you don't at the very least use a massage oil. If you do decide to use a breast enhancing cream, be sure it's a natural, herbal product and not one that contains chemicals or synthetic hormones.

Natural herbal breast creams manufactured specifically to help to improve the breasts are great to use along with massage since you're gaining twice the benefit and aiding the cream to really penetrate into the skin.

There are some claims that breast massage for increased breast size can give you an extra cup-size in the space of a couple of weeks or so. However, this is only feasible if you use it along with other natural methods.


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