Friday, September 13, 2013

Natural Way to Cure Vaginal DIscharge

What is Vaginal Discharge ?
It is a whitish liquid material which is produced in the uterus and is discharged through vagina.Its begins in girl life when she attain puberty or you can called menstruation.Actually this is the nature's way to keep vagina lubricated and healthy and to help in many life activities like in pregnancy and in sex as well. Its goes to all women all through their lives and reduces after reaching the menopausal stage.

Normal Vaginal Discharge does not have bad odor in another words you can say that it has no smell at all and you can see traces of discharge on your under garments. vaginal Discharge increase in certain conditions like :
Few days before Menstruation                                                                  
During Pregnancy
During Ovulation
Hormonal treatment
Sexual excitement
Emotional Stress

How To Deal With Normal Secretion
You may use Panty liners to prevent the fluid spoiling your clothes. It should be hygienic as the liners will absorb extra moisture and will keep you dry.
Wear Undergarment that are made with cotton yarn, this will keep your skin dry and discharge will not cause any kind of skin allergy.

How To Deal With Increased Vaginal Discharge
Avoid wearing tight clothes like skin fitted jeans or slacks to let the skin breathe.
Keep yourself clean and wash the vaginal area with with mild soap and water twice a day.

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