Sunday, September 8, 2013

Earn Money Sitting At Home - Get Paid Per Week For Writing Article

In most of the countries states cities village , writing as well as reading is a skill that taught to nearly every child from their youth. This skill day by day become pervasive through society but only small percentage of the literate people can write well enough to be profitable. Now lets come to the topic , You can make money by article writing per day and get paid every week.Now Earn money sitting at home working only 3 to 4 hrs and writing only 300 - 600 words , No worries of office , boss, Now spend time with your kids with your loved ones enjoy not only weekend but also all evening like weekend. Let me introduce iWriter an Online platform where you can make money by writing article.

About iWriter

iWriter is an online platform for freelance writers that get paid for writing about various topics. This is a great way to make money online, especially if  you are a talented writer, have excellent English skills and know how to write creatively about various subjects and topics. The website is one of the best of this profile, having a very simple and deductive interface, allowing you to write as many articles as you can or want and giving a greater portion of the price to you. The other big plus is that articles are posted regularly, as to my experience so far. You just have to look for the articles you think you can write and claim them before anyone else. A good thing is that you can also have one claimed articles at a time and you have to write immediately after you claim it. This forbids some users to claim as many articles as they can or claim an article and never write it.

How To Make Money
You basically make money from writing articles, what articles you want, how many you want each day and whenever you want. But however, there are some basic rules to working on the website and here is a simple walk through of the process:
  1. Demands for articles are posted regularly by those who need them (employers, posters). These articles appear on the website in three main categories of importance (Regular, Premium and Elite), each with its own payment schedule and on various topics.
  2. Each article has its own requirements, established by the poster (title, keywords, length, content, other instructions).
  3. As a writer, you start in Regular category, where you can choose among the available articles.You can only take on just one article at a time and you have to finish or reject it in order to take another one. Depending on the length, you will have a few hours to finish the article.
  4. After you finish and submit an article, it will get reviewed by the poster and it can either be approved or denied. If you followed the requirements, the article will be approved and you will be paid for that article.
  5. Depending on how good you article was, you will receive a rating from the poster and could also get a tip. These ratings are extremely important and useful to evolve and get increased payments for articles.
  6. For Premium writer status, you need a rating of at least 4.0 points and at least 30 reviews. For Elite writer status, you need a rating of at least 4.6 points and at least 30 reviews.
  7. The payment is almost double for Premium writers compared to Regular and almost double for Elite writers compared to Premium. You will definitely increase your winnings after you get a higher status.

How Much Can I Earn
How much money you make on iWriter basically depends on how many approved articles you can write and this depends on your talent and time. The more good articles you can write in a day or week, the more articles you will have approved and the more money you will make. Is that simple!

For example, Regular articles give you about $1.01 for 150 words, $1.62 for 300 words, $2.43 for 500 words and over $5 for 1000 words. For Premium articles, you will get about $2.23 for 150 words, $3.65 for 300 words, $4.46 for 500 words, $8.91 for 1000 words. For Elite articles, you will win at least $5 for 300 words, $8 for 500 words, $10 for 700 words and $14 for 1000 words. These are just base rates and they are usually higher, especially for Premium and Elite.

For example, to see how much you could win, if you write 3 articles of 500 words each day, for 5 days a week, this means a total win of about $35 per week for Regular writers, $55 per week for Premium and $120 per week for Elite. On the other hand, if you can write about 5 articles or 500 words each day, for 6 days a week, this means a total win of about $75 per week for Regular writers, $135 per week for Premium writers and $240 per week for Elite writers. If you can write even more, the winnings increase!

What Are The Requirement

There are no specific requirements to sign up to iWriter and start writing articles for money. You will be able to try your skills on any article. However, there is not guarantee that you will have your articles approved. You must follow the instructions and time frame, as well as trying to write creatively. You will need to meet some requirements in order to get to higher status, like Premium or Elite. You will need to have at least 30 reviews and depending on your star rating, you will receive a new status.

You will Earn much more money if you focus on quality rather than quantity.
Write articles that you know something about, topics you relate to.
If you want to evolve, write small articles until you get 30 good reviews.
Always try to get he best star rating possible.
If you impress a client, they will give you special articles just for you.
Only claim an article when you know you can make it and have the time to do it.

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